Vocals: Myles Blatch
Gguitar/Vocals: Neil Teago
Bass: Edd Thomas
Drums: Nick McShane
Guitar: Simon Rose

"A History Of Things To Come "

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FumeIts about aggression, its about conviction, its about extremes These three things cannot be overlooked or simply ignored, it was these three things we used as a basis to create fume five years ago.
Our aim was to make music that would not bow to follow trends or fashion and would not compromise our ideals in any shape or form.
2005 saw the birth of our first album A History Of Things To Come engineered by Andy Faulkner (Boltthrower, Cathedral) at Sable Rose Studios Coventry. This gave us our first opportunity to focus our aggression and pushed us forward to share the stage with the likes of Stamping Ground, Narcosis, and Dragon Force to name but a few.
2006 sees us standing beside a brand new uncompromising set and looking to make ourselves heard on a larger scale.
In a confused and stagnant musical climate we stand tall amongst our peers.

ZERO TOLERANCE Review of Fume album - 4/5
A good sign of a decent album is one that is hard to categorise and Fume certainly mix a number of styles that puts them outside of the box. Predominantly they use simple riffing techniques with power chords to create a concrete sound that plays as the backing track to the vocalists...( read more)
Posted on 24 Jan 2007 by TDKYD

KERRANG! reviews Fume album

Fume's caustuc, virtriolic hardcore is a brutal excercise in sounding really pissed off. Living up to their moniker in furious style, they tear through each song...( read more)
Posted on 29 Nov 2006 by TDKYD

Fume Album Review by Terrorizer Magazine
Sorry to say but this is one of those mishmash metal albums that attempts a definitive hybrid of extreme styles without producing anything distinctive or notable....( read more)
Posted on 12 Nov 2006 by TDKYD

Fume Album Review by Zero Tolerance
Ugh! I can't be doing with these pathetic nu-hardcore vocals - at all, especially when they're so tragically slapped over some fairly competent metal. Ah, yes.....the metal....( read more)
Posted on 12 Nov 2006 by TDKYD

Fume Album review by Organ Magazine
FUME Fume dish out a delightfully violent and vengefully unrelenting blast of proper old school brutal old school old school old school punk as f nihilistic metallic hardcore metal that's laced with atmospheric doomness, delightfully dark passages and scruffy beards....( read more)
Posted on 12 Nov 2006 by TDKYD

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